This week, we at Pivot are heading West – to Las Vegas, to be exact, for the ISC West physical security trade show.

We love going to events like this (back in February, we attended the Medical Design and Manufacturing West Conference), as they’re a great way to get ideas for products, network with other talented designers and technologists, and see what’s new and exciting in the product development world.

For this show, we’ll be 1 of 900 other companies presenting at ISC’s security exhibitions from Wed. April 6 through Fri. April 8 at Las Vegas’s Sands Expo Center. We’ll be showcasing our expertise in software development as well as electrical, mechanical, and industrial design engineering.

Pivot’s security products

At Pivot, we work on products in all types of areas, from consumer to outdoor to medical – but we’ve also worked on certain security products.

We provided manufacturing services for a rugged mobile computer for ID management, which includes a full set of features to handle any ID management, enrollment, or badging requirements in the field:

  • A QWERTY keyboard
  • Contact card
  • Contactless card
  • Barcode
  • Optical fingerprint
  • Optional magnetic swipe and MRZ readers

Another device we worked on was a handheld iris recognition device for use in the field. We were contacted about this device by a research and design firm that needed help refining their prototype into a low-cost, manufacturable product.

Pivot’s engineers worked with the client’s designers to take the product from the lab to the marketplace, and we integrated their technology with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom parts. Thanks to our expansive manufacturing resources, we were able to bring the security product to market within four months.

This, combined with the low cost design, helped the client establish a substantial market advantage.

Some of the device’s key features include:

  • The ability to perform standoff identification over 18 inches away
  • Ambidextrous, one-handed use
  • Identification of subject in less than one second
  • Interoperability with all leading iris-matching algorithms
  • User enrollment into database
  • Lower cost than similar devices on the market

Taking in what’s next in physical security

We look forward to seeing what our colleagues are working on in the security industry – with the amazing technological advancements we’ve seen just in the past few years, it’s one of the most exciting industries to follow. You can be sure we’ll come back with plenty of new ideas to pursue.