The field of medical devices undoubtedly suffered as a result of global economic slowdown, but the latest medical devices survey carried out by ICD Research — the research and business reporting section of the Progressive Digital Media Group — has cause for welcome relief. The report was commissioned to examine sales and marketing strategies, business planning, media spending, and potential future policies of major medical supplier companies, and compares these against the previous paper — giving a comparative overview of the sectors’ health.

Medical Devices Survey Results

ICD Research completes and compares this field of research on a four-yearly basis, generating a coherent comparative analysis of the state of the industry and giving an expected and surprisingly cogent insight into the future of this important and far-reaching industry. The four-year gap between reports is sufficiently spaced to give a balanced and realistic snapshot of worldwide medical device usage and possible future trends and policies.

Importantly, the paper is generally seen as a good indicator of emerging markets, and the current report is no exception in identifying future global hotspots — including manufacturing bases, potential markets, and exciting mergers and acquisitions. In terms of the current report, the analysis has identified a number of countries – notably China, Brazil, India, Russia and much of the Eastern European republics – as those to watch as both economically viable sites for production facilities and potential users of emerging medical equipment.

The report is exhaustive in its research and considers a whole raft of aspects, with interesting findings for the electronic manufacturing services. It also looks at possible future ventures and new business directions such as e-marketing, promotion via social media, participation in the increasingly important field of online portals, and potential changes to local legislation and requirements. Coming in at 142 pages, the report is a comprehensive breakdown of credible future trends within the medical devices industry.

ICD Research is well respected in the field of progressive market research, and regularly generates specialist papers in many diverse fields, such as military affairs, global production and vehicular markets, as well as a range of different health care sectors. The reports are deeply researched and considered to be works of authority in their given market.

The ICD Medical Devices Survey has become the market standard in predicting and understanding the future of medical strategy throughout the world. At $1,240 for a stand-alone copy, the report is not intended as a casual read but rather sets itself out as an important and well-respected source of information. With sufficient detail applied to its analysis, the Medical Devices Survey is deservedly regarded as the prima facie document for worldwide medical information.

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