If you’re one of the many people who have a great idea for a product, but haven’t figured out how to make it a reality, then 2017 could be your year. Why not make developing that product your New Year’s resolution?

One reason many people don’t finish – or even start! – developing a product they’ve been thinking about for years is that they don’t know exactly how the process works. How do you get a prototype? How do you find a manufacturer? How do you pitch your product to stores?

At Pivot, we deal with the entire product lifecycle from start to finish, which means we can help you no matter where in the process you are.

So if you’re an inventor or product developer, take a look below for some ideas of how Pivot can serve you, depending on where you are in the product development process.

You have a developed idea for a product, but not much more.

Let’s say you’ve been thinking for years about a product you want to create, but you haven’t taken any concrete steps toward developing it.

Pivot’s engineers and designers can help you bring that idea to life. We’ve got a team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and software developers who are able to take your idea and fashion it into a working, functional design.

We’ve worked with people who want lots of input into the development process, and others who want to do little more than sign off on the finished design. Whatever your preference, our design team and project consultants can work with you to take your product through the design phase and on toward becoming a tangible, finished product.

You have a working design, but don’t know how to proceed.

Maybe you’ve got a workable design that you want to take further, but you’re stuck at the prototyping stage.

Nowadays, prototyping doesn’t have to be a long and involved process. Thanks to technology like computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing, rapid prototyping is widely available. This allows you to go from a computer design to a full, three-dimensional scale prototype much more quickly than in the past.

Of course, if you need a prototype that can’t be created on a 3D printer, that’s possible too. Pivot can ensure that you get whatever prototype you need to move forward in your project.

You have a product that you need to rework, redesign, or cut costs for.

Maybe you’ve already gone through the entire product development and manufacturing process – maybe you’re even a pro at it.

But even the best of us need help now and then when we’re trying to redesign an existing product. It can be hard to step out of our own perspective and look at a product objectively, with an eye to making improvements or using new materials.

Pivot is experienced in helping product developers update legacy products, identify and implement cost-cutting measures, and even rescue struggling products.

You need help setting up a company to sell your product.

Developing a product is one thing – setting up a company is another thing entirely. Each action requires a different set of skills, so it’s no wonder that often, people who may be product development wizards need some help when it comes to putting together a business.

We’ve got consultants and business experts who can help with everything from your website to strategic planning and market research. We even wrote an ebook about creating a thriving product-based business that you can download for free.

Taking a product from idea to reality is a challenge, but having the right partner can make it all much easier. If you’ve got a product you’re waiting to develop, stop waiting – make this year the one when you make it happen.