So you’ve got your million-dollar idea. And it isn’t just another pie-in-the-sky scheme you thought up while in the shower. This is a genuinely good idea for a product that you’ve spent some serious time on. There’s just one thing you’d really like to know—is this idea good enough to make it? You really can’t be 100% certain until you make the leap and actually develop, manufacture, and sell your product, but there are some ways that you can at least get a good idea about whether your product idea has what it takes.

Does It Solve A Problem?
There are a few variations to this question that you should ask about your product. Does it make your customer’s life easier? Does it make them feel or look better? Basically, does it improve greatly upon something, or does it solve an issue that people have? Just because it’s a really cool idea, that doesn’t mean people are actually going to buy it.

Test It
Yes, even though the product works flawlessly in your head and on paper, without a working prototype, you’re not going to know for sure that it does what you claim. It doesn’t have to be perfect when you test it for the first time, but you’ll realize quickly whether or not it’s possible to work out the kinks.

Talk To Customers
You should have a fairly good idea of who is going to be buying this product. It’s probably not so life changing that you can answer, “Everyone.” So once you know who your target consumers are—talk to them. Find out if this is actually a product they could see themselves buying. It’s possible that your product fixes a problem that isn’t really a big issue for your target group. Or maybe they’re excited to hear about your product and want to know when they can get their hands on it. Either way, talking to customers will leave you with a good idea about whether or not your product will make it.

More Research
Customers aren’t the only ones you should be researching. Look at your potential competition or other similar products. Do research on the market and what the current trends are. Basically, find out as much as possible about things that are outside of your control, but will still affect how your product performs. You may find that there are significant barriers to entry in the market you’re looking at.

Get Professional Help
Another option is to take your idea to professionals. At Pivot, we work with inventors and businesses around the world, helping them turn their ideas into reality. You may have an excellent idea, but do you have the experience and resources to bring it to market? If that’s what’s holding you back, then contact Pivot International today. Our design and development experts will work with you every step of the way, so that your product idea becomes reality.