product development

A company’s ability to quickly bring a product to market is a primary competitive advantage. Reaching consumers first is a significant factor in successfully positioning your product, differentiating your brand, and establishing brand loyalty. At Pivot International, we bring an impressive track record of helping businesses design, develop, and manufacture products effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the proven approaches we take for expediting this process.

1. Project Management

Project management is a cornerstone of product development. Establishing project goals and deliverables, determining process outputs, and setting project constraints can all be facilitated by a trusted partner. A product development company can also help ensure your product is designed and documented to FDA, ISO, UL, and CE standards. When your project is systematically managed, it’s easier to control for variables that might otherwise delay your time to market.

2. Streamlined Manufacturing

At Pivot, our experience in design and manufacturing ranges from working with small, complex prototype runs to high-volume electrical manufacturing assemblies. When your partner uses FDA registered and ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 certified facilities, you are setting yourself up for an accelerated product-to-market timeline. Moreover, a firm’s quality control inspectors can help guarantee your product meets the highest manufacturing standards. At Pivot, our advanced change order system allows for rapid updates to your product without introducing gaps in your inventory.

3. Supply Chain Management

Monitoring transportation can be an overwhelming part of the manufacturing process. Pivot is skilled in real-time monitoring of your materials as well as fast-tracking products through safety buffers and weather projection systems. Supervision of this kind is critical to bringing products to market swiftly.

4. Product Testing

Before officially launching the product, your product development partner can orchestrate opportunities for consumers to engage with your product to test its market appeal, performance, and economic viability.

5. Swift Post-Testing Analysis

A product development company can help you sift through the customer feedback gathered during testing in a timely manner. From there, you can determine if any changes need to be made and quickly undertake them.

6. Product Launch

A highly-successful product launch requires a great deal of planning. In addition to satisfying the steps you’ll find on this checklist, your partner can offer guidance on arranging launch events, conducting interviews with key people in your organization, and other means of generating press to get the word out.

New products are continually emerging, so accelerating time-to-market gives your business a head start on the competition. Working with a highly experienced product development partner with advanced processes and technologies can make this an achievable goal.

Pivot International is a single-source collaborative design, development, and manufacturing firm with facilities worldwide. Pivot brings more than 46 years of experience in helping businesses profitably realize their product’s potential. Are you interested in learning what a partnership with Pivot can do for you and your product? Reach out to us today and consult with one of our design professionals for free.