As the dust continues to settle from what amounted to a biological bombing of the global supply chain, manufacturing leaders are taking stock of lessons learned. Strategies that became critical for navigating disruption at its peak are proving to be just as essential in its aftermath. Leaders who carry them forward as a permanent part of their operations have much to gain.

At Pivot International, we’re providing the leadership and proven experience for helping companies worldwide defy disruption, get their projects back on track, and forge a more resilient and competitive future. With advanced supply chain solutions, product development expertise that spans nearly five decades across twelve industries, and 200,000 square feet of manufacturing capability across three continents, we’re the go-to partner for bringing successful products to market in times of challenge.

It’s imperative that leaders learn from the COVID-19 crisis to immunize their companies against future disruption and position themselves for maximum advantage on an increasingly competitive playing field. Here are three leadership lessons for doing just that.

Achieve Supply Chain Diversification and Transparency

The benefits of supply chain diversity and transparency have never been in question. For many companies, what has been in question was whether the benefits of diversification and transparency warranted the cost investment. COVID-19 has now put this question to rest, and achieving supply chain diversity and transparency are now among companies’ most mission-critical objectives.

At Pivot, we deliver a highly diversified global supply chain network combined with advanced digital technologies that afford exceptional transparency and predictability. This has enabled us to largely shield our partners from disruption related to trade-tensions and the coronavirus pandemic.

Supply Chain Management

Seek or Provide Industry Thought Leadership

The incredibly steep adaptation-demands of COVID-19 required supply chain insight and thought leadership that few companies possessed. For support, companies turned to industry brain trust, seeking answers and solutions to questions and challenges they’d never before had to ask or confront.

As the crisis deepened, the appetite for trustable guidance grew. This opened opportunities for industry leaders to share pivotal insights and offer critical solutions. This thought leadership not only served to support a struggling industry but also to build brand authority for leaders’ companies. The lesson here is this: if you have it (proven thought leadership), share it. If you don’t, seek it (and then work hard to develop it for yourself). Either way, your business stands to benefit.

Understand Customer Needs and Market Demand in Real-Time

COVID-19 brought with it erratic and unpredictable demand curves that resulted in responses that ranged from desperate to heroic. Companies scrambled to meet market demand by finding alternative suppliers to close rapidly widening inventory gaps. Where possible, they repurposed production lines to deliver components, parts, and products that could be had only at a premium.

Companies with well-developed customer communication channels and a robust social media presence supported by integrated data analysis platforms benefitted from a “boots on the ground” view of customer needs and emerging market demands. These channels and platforms are an indispensable part of supporting customers during a disruption. But they also play a key role in ongoing customer relationship management, market research, product development, and marketing.

Pivot has been proud to serve as an Essential and Critical Supplier with disruption-defying supply chain solutions that are helping businesses adapt and successfully scale. For nearly fifty years, we and our subsidiaries have helped hundreds of companies bring their product ideas to life, and have been behind some of the most successful medical, industrial, and consumer innovations on the market. With multiple IEC and ISO certifications, FDA registration, UL listing, and CSA approval, your business is in the best of hands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your growth.