Ensuring proper identity is a key element in the way schools, businesses, and our country ensure safety. Living in the digital age, we’re used to having information at our fingertips, and when it comes to security, that speed and ease of access becomes even more important. We here at Pivot are proud to have worked together with a client to take a product they had already designed, and improve it, creating the IDL500, a mobile computer for everything dealing with ID management, badging, and field-based enrollment requirements.

When the client first came to us, they already had a product designed for these purposes, but with indefinite delivery and indefinite quantity.They needed to look at alternatives for ways they could keep up with the pressing demand for their products. So they turned to us here at Pivot to help them with their problem. What they already had was a Device Master Record (DMR). We took our Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management software (PLM) and imported their DMR in order for us to be able to work on the design.

After reviewing the design of their DMR we made suggestions for their throughput and yield, and also showed them that the funding needed in order to manufacture this device with Pivot would decrease dramatically from their current amounts. The client quickly understood that having us help them with their product would greatly benefit them, so we helped them produce a better, more efficient ID management mobile computer.

Although it’s currently not on the market, here are some elements of the IDL500 that we helped develop:

  • Ambidextrous one handed use
  • Support for ABIS—finger, facial, voice, IRIS
  • Geospatial, time, identity data fused
  • Full QWERTY 40 keyboard
  • Operates on Windows CE6
  • Rugged mobile computer
  • Links to cloud-based identity services and Edge servers
  • Smartcard support: TWIC, CAC, PIV, PIV-I/C, passports, driver’s license
  • Application to read, verify, and validate government issued credentials
  • Identity services provide powerful backend storage, organization, manipulation, analytics& apps

Pivot International has biometric security technology as one of its specialties. When you’re looking for a partner to help you produce tech for something as vital as ID management or security, you want to ensure you choose a company that has extensive experience working with inventors and companies to bring their product to market, and that has stood the test of time. You want a company that is easy to work with, and that couples affordability with professionalism and expertise. That company is Pivot. With over 40 years in the industry, facilities located globally, and vast experience in the field of biometrics, we are the right choice for anyone looking to develop and manufacture products in the ID management field, the security technology field, or anything else in the realm of biometrics.
Let our engineering and design experts take your ideas and bring them to life. If you’re interested in pursuing a new product but don’t know where to start, contact us today!