Cellular technology continues to evolve with the demands of the digital age, inspiring startups to enterprise organizations alike to identify and seize emerging opportunities in this product sector. And between the appearance of 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and the pandemic-accelerated societal shift to virtual communication, the market for cellularly connected innovations is not only increasing but exploding. (The global wireless connectivity market is expected to reach $127.9 billion USD by 2027, with a CAGR growth rate of 12.5% in the forecast period from 2019 to 2027.)

At Pivot International, we are a worldwide leader in helping companies design, develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative product solutions. As leaders in the global supply chain with nine company-owned subsidiaries across three continents, we are uniquely positioned to help our partners capitalize on the market for cellular technology products.

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Deploy the Power of DFM

DFM (Design For Manufacturing) is crucially important for ensuring a superior product design, optimizing UX, and scalable manufacture of cellularly connected products. (It doesn’t matter how revolutionary your product may be if you can’t cost-effectively manufacture it as scale.) Working with a partner with in-house DFM expertise means that your product will be developed with supply chain and manufacturing in mind from its inception. Providing the missing link between design and manufacturing with in-house DFM is what sets Pivot apart. This core competency has played a central role in the multiple award-winning products we have helped our partners successfully bring to market.

Move toward use-case and back again

The degree of specialization required for successfully moving from product conception to concrete use case (and working backward from there) is often underappreciated and overlooked. However, this specialization is essential to mapping a product pathway that is based on how the product will be used and implemented. (This includes the question of how it interfaces with connectivity services.) By working with a team with a comprehensive understanding of what will become your product’s “natural habitat” and then reverse-engineering the product development pathway in accordance with it, you’ll create the best, shortest, and most cost-effective way forward. (This approach helps to streamline the path between conception and distribution and helps to expedite time-to-market.)

Factor use-case findings to evaluate and predict your product’s market value

No product can be successful without the ability to predict in advance the difference between cost and investment, as well as market demand and sales. (This second set of variables can be particularly tricky for companies to accurately distinguish between.) When you work backward from use-case to map out every aspect of a product’s path, it’s much easier to reliably determine the costs of development and manufacture vs. market value. Due to the pandemic-driven supply chain disruption of 2020, the need for this and other sophisticated forecasting approaches and risk management strategies has never been more apparent.

Pivot creates customized success-solutions for our partners. Our portfolio of internationally-acclaimed innovations only attests to our reputation. When you’re preparing to develop a new cellular technology product, you’ll want to vet many partners to find the fit that’s best for you and your company. With nearly a half-century of experience and a worldwide reputation for helping companies successfully scale, we are confident that we are the partner you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you capitalize on the booming market for products with cellular connectivity.