You have an idea for a new and improved product—say, an industrial touchscreen. How do you turn your concept into a profitable reality?

Pivot International possesses the experience and wherewithal to take your product from concept to distribution, and, as a result, grow your business. The following are seven ways an upstanding product development company will champion your idea.

1. Planning

During the planning phase, a product development company can help you zero in on the current marketplace needs. You and the company you decide to work with can discuss your target audience and how to effectively engage them. Examining customer reviews, surveys, spending reports, and other forms of feedback will help you and the development company clarify the unique needs of your customers. While planning, the company can also research existing industrial touchscreens. From there, you can see how your idea differs from and builds on current available industrial touchscreens.

2. Developing

This is where the touchscreen manufacturing begins. Your partner will break down the production process into actionable steps. Companies with international manufacturing services are a plus. An established firm will commit to making any necessary modifications on your industrial touchscreen prototypes.

3. Testing

Before launching your industrial touchscreen, your partner can organize opportunities for your consumers to test your product in real-time. The testing process allows you and the development firm to ensure that ultimately, your new product is economically viable.

4. Post-testing Analysis

A business specializing in product development can assist you in sorting through the customer feedback gathered during testing. From there, you can determine if any changes need to be made to your industrial touchscreen, and how you will go about launching the product. After testing and making alterations to the touchscreen, your collaborator can guide you through the initial product launch.

5. Launching

This is the moment you’ve been working towards: launching your industrial touchscreen. Your partnering company will offer you guidance on arranging product launch events, interviews with key people in your organization, and other creative avenues to get the word out.

6. Assessing

Following the initial product launch, you and your partner can conduct an early analysis of how your industrial touchscreen is performing. In addition to assessing the sales data, you can also examine the success and ROI of your advertising and marketing efforts.

7. Prototyping and Iterating

Finally, you and the product development firm can discuss what elements of the industrial touchscreen should be retained and which ones should be altered or discontinued.

New products are continually emerging in today’s market. Working with a skilled and experienced product development company can help you and your product stand out and achieve long-term success.

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