If you’re trying to develop a high-performance product that involves any kind of motion, ESC (electronic speed control) and brushless motors are an essential part of the equation. ESCs allow for high degrees of configurability, customization, and variability in motion control. And high-efficiency brushless motors provide the exceptional power-to-weight ratio needed for premium products.

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Small, Yet Powerful Motor Control Solutions

These small yet powerful motor-control solutions are in high demand across industrial, consumer, and hobbyist markets. Whether customers are looking for a “plug and play” solution for an existing innovation or require customized hardware or software engineering, Castle Creations, Pivot International’s US-based subsidiary, meets the demand.

Castle established itself more than two decades ago as a leading aftermarket specialist in the hobbyist sector. Because of its reputation for building ultra-compact, higher-efficiency motors than even those found in most industrial markets, it has become a sought-after partner for industrial and commercial applications. Castle’s low-weight, high-power, configurable ESC solutions, DC brushless motors, customized firmware, and high-performance fuel systems can be found across a stunning array of products. Here are seven notable examples.

1. Bomb-Disposal Suits

Castle’s smallest units are embedded in temperature-controlled smart suits that enable military personnel to work for long hours in intense heat in order to diffuse bombs. These suits are worn under ballistic gear and function as a form of wearable climate control. These suits have also become incredibly popular with NASCAR drivers. They help competitors withstand the blistering heat emitted from the racetrack and their racing vehicle’s powerful engine.

2. Harbor Patrol Boats

Castle provides electronic speed control for dozens of small, autonomous drone boats. These boats protect harbors by performing security routines with built-in cameras that relay ship traffic. Not only is this a far more cost-effective and efficient approach to harbor patrol, but it also frees up operators and inspectors to focus on tasks better served by humans.

3. Tactical Ships

Castle provides ESC for large, autonomous, submersible ships. These ships can self-propel to a forward operating position to enable rapid submersion and then quickly disappear under the surface. They can also promptly resurface to serve as a pick-up point for Navy SEALS, only to again rapidly re-conceal themselves beneath the waves.

4. Firefighting Helicopters

In partnership with Kawak Aviation, Castle created one of its highest performance brushless motors. This motor enables firefighting helicopters to refill their tanks from lakes or rivers without landing. The pump delivers a whopping 600-900 GPM, allowing the helicopter to refill quickly to maximize its firefighting capacity. The motor is completely sealed, including double shaft seals, rugged aluminum housing, and integrated Electronic Speed Control (ESC) for compactness and simplicity of operation.

5. Impact Wrenches

Have you ever noticed the enormous bolts on utility poles or wind turbines? They require specialized tools to work with — industrial, hand-held, battery-powered wrenches capable of delivering as much as 12,000 lbs of torque. (To get an idea of how much torque that is, your average Home Depot wrench will give you between 150-300 lbs.) After more than eighteen months of attempting to design their own motor, Castle’s customer was thrilled to find that Castle’s largest hobby motor was a flawless fit for their product, right out of the box!

6. Underwater Scooters

Also called a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV), this innovation enhances underwater exploration through motorized propulsion. The scooter enables divers to quickly travel beneath the waves to areas of interest that are too far to swim to but too near to warrant boat travel. The scooter can travel as quickly as four miles per hour (which is far faster than an unassisted diver can reach.)

7. RC Vehicles

Powered by Castle’s breakthrough technology, CRYO-DRIVE™, combined with sensored motor support and data logging, the Copperhead 10 Performance ESC is the latest design from Castle. This ESC is 1:10th scale and provides clean, constant power with its user-selectable 5.5V or 7.5V (6A peak) internal BEC.

With the wide variety of high-performance products that rely on motion control, the multi-industry applications for configurable ESCs and high-efficiency brushless motors are practically endless.

At Pivot International, we’re incredibly proud to include Castle among our global family of companies. They not only add motor control expertise but a team of brilliant engineers to the Pivot family of companies. With nine subsidiaries in all, we bring product development expertise across fourteen industries and 320,000 square feet of manufacturing capability to support all of your supply chain and manufacturing needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can fuel your product’s success, contact us today.