Who says you have to be a certain age to come up with a one of a kind idea? Just because someone’s under the age of 18 doesn’t mean they don’t have an agile imagination that can create products that the adult world may never have been able to devise on their own.

We’ve taken a look around the business world of the past couple of years and found some truly great innovators who often aren’t old enough to vote or drive, but who saw a need or problem in the marketplace and leapt in to fill it. Here are some great “kidpreneurs” and the inventions or innovations they came up with.

Isabelle May, Charming Wine Charms

This is a great example of inventiveness AND perseverance. The 12-year-old May tried one entrepreneurial idea and failed: Selling flip-flops during the winter. But rather than give up, she persisted, coming with Charming Wine Charms, a series of charms that an adult can add to a bracelet to keep track of how many drinks they’ve had. Every time you grab a drink, you simply add another charm to your bracelet.

It’s not only a novel idea, but one that helps us grownups act a little more responsibly while being fashionable at the same time.

Kia‘i Tallett, Pixsea Handmade

Kia‘I got her start early, learning how to knit caps at the age of 5. But she waited a bit longer to come up with her successful product line; the age of 11 to be exact.

Operating under the name Pixsea Handmade, Tallett still knits a lot of hats, but she also creates custom felt flowers, resin rings and knitted cuffs, all made to order from her home in Hawaii. She started out with a simple Etsy site (created by her mother), but she’s expanded significantly since then, learning how to expertly knit all sorts of accessories.

Taylor Rosenthal, RecMed First Aid Kits

Taylor is practically an old man compared to the other innovators on our list so far; he’s 15. But his creation is perhaps the most important one here. His idea is one that seems so simple when you think about it, but no one else had: A vending machine that sells first-aid kits. And this was not an idea that took long to catch on. The Six Flags family of amusement parks is already using his RecMed idea, with hundreds of orders for more kits coming in over the last few months.

Mercer Henderson, Audiots and FriendIts

Mercer’s app game is so strong that, at the age of 14, she’s created two successful ones. The first app, Audiots, allows people to add sound effects to their emojis, another idea that seems so obvious when you think about it: Why not give those adorable faces and symbols some sounds to make?

And her other apps, Friendits, allows people to lend, trade and match outfits and accessories to create the perfect ensemble. Given her rapid pace, we can only guess what fun and groundbreaking app ideas that Mercer is going to come up with next.

Rachel Zietz, Gladiator Lacrosse

Rachel is a 16-year-old who’s a great example of a problem-solver. A longtime lacrosse fan and player, she noticed a while back that the cost and quality of lacrosse equipment for younger players tended to fall into two categories: low-quality and too expensive. She solved both of those problems with her Gladiator line, getting in touch with manufacturers from China and American retailers and creating a line of top-quality equipment meant for younger players that could take a beating and stay in great shape, for a much lower cost than most high-end lacrosse gear.

Finding out about these young inventors and innovators is an inspiring process for us, and it reminds us that with a little help and a little spirit of invention, anyone can create a great new product or service. Find out how Pivot International can help you design your own game-changing invention.