There’s nothing quite as satisfying as designing a truly elegant product.

Best Elegant Product Design Examples

What are the best example of elegant product design out there? Take a look at our list.

The Samsung Neo Retro Oven

As the name suggests, this beautiful oven employs a “Neo Retro” design concept, bringing together the best of both the past and the future. Clean shapes and sleek lines give this appliance an utterly modern feel, while details like the copper gold accent color, a matte luster finish, and an analogue knob dial evoke the nostalgia of the past, lending the product a subtle, “homemade” kind of feel. The downside? This elegant oven is exclusively available in Russia.

Leica X

This truly gorgeous-looking camera boasts a vintage feel with all of the modern-technology a camera could possible offer. With a sleek shape and clean lines, the only thing better than this camera’s aesthetic appeal is its technical power. It boasts an MOS image sensor with over 16.5 megapixels and a high-performance zoom lens.

The Bēm Wireless Kickstand

This ultra-light, ultra-portable projector is as sleek as it is useful. With a range of elegant finishes, it will look great in your living room and can also easily be transported to the office via briefcase. There is nothing better than elegance that is portable.

Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay A9 Wireless Speaker

These speakers might come in a strange, saucer-like form, but they are absolutely the pinnacle of elegance. Designer Slaatto took inspiration for the unique shape from sound waves, trying to avoid utilizing any horizontal or vertical lines in the design. “Sound travels in circles—just as you see circular waves when a stone hits the water’s surface—so the essence of this design simply is the circle,” he explains.

The Nitecore Titanium Pen

Carved from CNC milled titanium alloy, this pen is not only beautiful, but is also virtually unbreakable. This sleek and sophisticated pen is much more than just a mere writing instrument. It comes fully equipped with a fisher pressurized cartridge that is both fully waterproof and temperature proof, meaning that you will always have a reliable writing instrument whether you are in the depths of the Atacama or on the fringes of Antarctica. The Nitecore Titanium Pen is also designed to break windows and serve as a discreet weapon for self-defense. Perhaps the pen truly is mightier than the sword after all.

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