Wearable technology is a thriving industry. According to CCS Insight, the smart wearables market will double by 2022, becoming a “$27 billion+ market with 233 million unit sales.” As a product design, development, and manufacturing firm, Pivot is behind some of the most innovative product solutions on the market for consumers and suppliers alike. These five cutting-edge developments in wearable tech are a big part of what’s helping the market grow.

Medical Wearables

According to Juniper Research, wearables are on their way to becoming “must-haves“ for patients around the world. Affordable and convenient, medical wearables are making healthcare and treatment easier to come by. The latest devices are able to accumulate relevant health data and relay it to one’s doctor. The physician is then able to monitor their patient’s progress and intervene when necessary. CloudDX and the hi-tech iTBra are just two examples of where medical wearables are headed. These devices are not only becoming more advanced but more inclusive in terms of both types of illness and gender.


Smartwatches are gaining popularity due to their ease of use and multi-faceted capabilities. They can help one find their other devices, receive calls, texts, and social media notifications. This year has brought us the Apple Watch Series 4, which now includes an ECG. Other popular models from Fitbit and Samsung are also garnering attention from consumers. Overall, smartwatches are providing users with the desired balance of connectivity and productivity.

Smart rings

Smart rings can keep consumers connected while offering discretion without distraction. These devices are making day-to-day tasks easier. For instance, some smart rings are able to make payments. The Blinq smart ring, NFC Opn, and McLEAR are a few popular rings this year.

Assault protection and prevention wearables

UC3M4Safety is the “Multidisciplinary Team to Detect, Prevent and Combat Violence Against Women.” This team is made up of six research groups, “five from the Carlos III University of Madrid and one from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.” UC3M4Safety is currently developing an “innovative alarm system“ that connects a bracelet and a pendant to one’s smartphone, which can alert a “circle of trust chosen by the user in question.” This technology will also have GPS, recording capabilities, and a panic button.

Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers have grown extremely popular over the last several years. Recent advancements allow these devices to track one’s sleeping habits, offering users and their physicians greater insight into their health. Fitness trackers of today can also function similarly to smartwatches by providing users with real-time notifications, such as incoming calls and texts. The PolarOHI is a fitness tracker that can be used individually or paired with other smart devices.

Wearable technology is becoming more useful and ubiquitous every day. What new ideas and insights can your business provide to this growing field?

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