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Notable Product Designers

Check out the work of these four leading product-design visionaries to get inspired for your next product design project.

Sam Buxton

British designer Sam Buxton is known for creating innovative designs that channel the latest, cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials. Buxton’s work is all about pushing boundaries, and his impressive portfolio includes a MIKRO series of fold-up sculptures, electro-luminescent tables and clocks, and a stainless-steel fold-up MIKRO House. Among one of his most prominent projects is a SIOS table, a surface intelligent object that displays 66 illuminating zones that dictate table etiquette. “I’m more and more interested in creating opportunities to cross the boundaries between art, science, and design,” Buxton says. “I find the interface between the living body and the built environment very interesting, from body traces to information exchange. It’s an ongoing preoccupation which continues to produce object experiments.”

Luigi Colani

This German aircraft and product designer is frequently dubbed one of the greatest mavericks of twentieth-century design. Colani has a truly independent flair for developing products that are extraordinarily creative. The designer got his start designing cars for companies such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen, and BMW. Colani eventually segued into developing bold, striking furniture designs that quickly garnered attention. Colani always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. Today, many of Colani’s most innovative designs are situated in a world that doesn’t quite exist yet — futuristic, utopian architecture, ultra-sleek high performance cars, and mammoth supersonic aircraft carriers that can travel faster than the speed of sound.

Matali Crasset

The goal of French designer Matali Crasset is to develop product designs that encourage consumers to question the way in which they go about their daily lives. For example, her “Dynamic Life” sofa for Campeggi can be constantly reconfigured. Her unique take on conceptualized design has managed to attract quite the buzz. Crasset has collaborated with big names such as Established & Sons and Pallucci. “My products are like proposals. If you feel like being active, like interacting with your surroundings. Not like being in a bourgeois position, where you stay like that because you have to play a role. So you can work in a different way,” Crasset insists. “I like to propose scenarios for living. I don’t care about products or about space in themselves. Products and space have the potential to bring relief in life. That’s why I’m a designer. It’s not because I like doing products.”

Marc Newson

Australian designer Marc Newson is known for his unique design aesthetic known as “biomorphism,” which makes use of smooth lines and translucent materials. The breadth of Newson’s work truly impresses, as he has designed products that range from a private jet, to jewelry, to a Ford car. Newson most recently joined the Apple design team.

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