When it comes to product design, pushing design boundaries and charting new design terrain can often lead to unique products. But is there a such thing as too much innovation?

Innovative Product Designs

Take a look at these unique, and perhaps bizarre, boundary-pushing product designs.

1. The Firrin Toaster

The Firrin Toaster may look like a mailbox, but believe it or not, the appliance can actually toast your bread. Forget about the popping-out mechanism long known to be the standard of a modern toaster. The winner of the 2012 Design Turkey Award, this gem employs a convenient slide-out mechanism that ensures the toasters can seamlessly handle bagels, rolls, and other foods that may not fit in a traditional toaster. It’s an unusual idea, but the product is certainly a hit. Sometimes, it really does pay off to reinvent the wheel when it comes to product design!

2. The Plug Lamp

You know that endless cycle of frustration you feel when you need to charge your phone or laptop but no outlet is in sight? Luckily, the Stockholm designers dubbed “Form Us With Love” have developed an easy fix. An electrical outlet is integrated right into the base of their Plug Lamp so you’ll never have to stress out about having a shortage of outlets in your home again. It’s the perfect bedside table lamp that comes with an aluminum case which makes the lamp as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful. That’s a double win!

3. The S2 Water Purifier

This invention looks less like a water purifier than it does a work of art — and manages to simplify the entire water purification process. Instead of removing a cup from the cupboard, filling it with water from the filter, and then washing it when you’re done, you can just allow the S2 Water Purifier to do it all for you. The water purifier, which mounts directly to your kitchen wall, acts as a shelf, a purifier, and a dispenser. After you’ve drank your glass of water, this machine will even clean the cup via a UV-sterilization system. Drinking a purified glass of water has never been as easy.

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