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pivot international market managementPivot International’s core competencies involve product development and efficiently transitioning a new product from design to manufacturing. From board spins and tooling to regulatory compliance and vendor management, Pivot knows how to effectively balance the trade-offs between time, cost, quality, and risk.

Pivot’s objectives are directly aligned with those of our client - our success is based on our customer's product flourishing in the marketplace. Therefore, we design quality products that meet market needs, while moving them into production as quickly as possible.

By providing single source control of design, manufacturing, and supply chain management, Pivot ensures there is no "lost time" getting your product to market.

What does product development really cost?

  What does product development really cost?  (PDF - 289 KB)

Transform Concepts Into Revenue

  Transform Concepts Into Revenue  (PDF - 323 KB)

Pivot Offshore Manufacturing

  Pivot Offshore Manufacturing  (PDF - 323 KB)

Pivot Iris Recognition

  Pivot Iris Recognition  (PDF - 102 KB)

Pivot ID Management

  Pivot ID Management  (PDF - 104 KB)

Pivot Medical Camera

  Pivot Medical Camera  (PDF - 112 KB)

Pivot Digital Power Meter

  Pivot Digital Power Meter  (PDF - 102 KB)

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